Vlassides Winery Alátes Wine


We named our wine Αlátes inspired by the unique language spoken on our island.

Although the Cypriot dialect is based on Greek, it has been strongly influenced  by various nations that have inhabited our land through history; Arabs, Turks, English, French and  Italians. 

Αlátes, in Cypriot, means wings. Our Αlátes is produced solely from old vines of Xinisteri, the dominant local white grape variety. It is our way of giving wings to the vision of introducing a fine representative Cypriot white wine to the world at large.

Produced exclusively from old non-irrigated vineyards situated at an altitude of around 900 meters in the Afamis mountain area. The soils where the vines grow are calcareous with clay-loam texture. The vines are non-grafted, trained in goblet.

With the potential to mature for an additional five to seven years.

Best served at 10-12°C.


Year of Harvest

Silver Medal

Decanter Word Wine Awards 2020



Vlassides Winery Alátes Wine


100% Xynisteri from old vines

Soil Composition:

50% Sand
25% Clay
25% Silt


Harvest takes place at the end of September and immediately after, the grapes are placed in a refrigerated storage area. On the next day, having reached a temperature of 10 0C, they are destemmed and then sent to a pneumatic press where the juice is extracted. Alcoholic fermentation and maturation take place in a 2000 litre untoasted oak vat.

Production Year



Organoleptic Characteristics:

  • Color: Yellow with golden hues.
  • Aroma: Peel and flesh of ripe citrus fruits, herbs, bread, wet pebbles, notes of sweet spices.
  • Taste: Dry with cool acidity, creamy with well-balanced structure, minerality, long aftertaste.
  • Potential ageing: 5 to 7 years.

Harvest Information 2018:

Ethanol: 13,5% Vol
pH: 3,2
Acidity (H2SO4):
3,58 g/l
Reducing Sugars: 1,7 g/l
Rainfall: October until July 713mm
Harvest Temperatures (Μ.Α.)
Lowest: 18°C – (9/2018)
Highest: 28,5°C – (9/2018)

2018 Harvest:

The harvest of 2018 was completed in Kilani.

This was a year with major rainfall during May and June, but we managed to deal with the consequences on time so as to ensure the good quality of all our grape varieties along with their proper maturity.

The mild summer season of 2018, allowed the plants to grow and berry-set under 32°C, ensuring excellent organoleptic characteristics; especially for our Sauvignon blanc and later on for our red varieties, in September.

We expect that our 2018 harvest in white wines, which we will enjoy in December of 2018, to produce an intensely aromatic and fruity character. Additionally, we expect our red wines which will be available in the fall of 2019 and 2020 to be rich in color and to have the desirable alcohol content and soft tannins.