Vlassides Winery – QUALIWine project – Cypriot indigenous variety Yiannoudi

Successful completion of the QUALIWine project concerning the Cypriot indigenous variety Yiannoudi

Funding body:  Research and Innovation Foundation

Call: CONCEPT Pillar I. Smart Growth and Program: Proof of Concept for Technology / Knowhow Applications.

Research proposal:  QUALIWine – Correlating the unique monovarietal Yiannoudi wine quality indicators to chemical analysis and sensory measurements: classification, pattern recognition and clustering based on vintage and vineyard management

Project Overview: QUALIWIne project had as a principal aim to work for the benefit of the industry, by creating a recognizable identity for the exceptional yet labor intensive wines derived from the noble but to date unexplored Cypriot indigenous grape cultivar ‘Yiannoudi’, thus safeguarding the continuance of their cultivation, incrementation of their production volumes, as well as their sustained quality improvement. The QUALIWine project allowed the Vlassides Winery to back its experience with scientific data, which will eventually contribute to the upgrade of the quality and value of their end- product in both the national and international markets by:

  1. Deciphering how the biochemical identity of the cv. Yiannoudi wines and musts relates to their mesoclimate and cultivation vineyard conditions.
  2. Establishing a functional and powerful analytical workflow combined with multivariate analysis methods and strategies that can be readily employed to provide key physicochemical information on the yet unexplored Cypriot wines derived from cv. ‘Yiannoudi’.
  3. Deducing the aroma potential of the high value indigenous cultivar cv. ‘Yiannoudi as a precursor of the potential richness of the organoleptic character of their wines, and how this is affected by the different mesoclimates and vineyard management techniques.