“Gastronomos Quality Awards-Cyprus” for the year 2021

Óroman – “Best Red Wine”

The Cypriot producers leading the way

Red Wine Award – Oroman, Vlassides Winery

Written by: Yiannis Adelinis

Photography: Demis Siranidis


The pioneer and dedicated winemaker Sophocles Vlassides has managed to associate his name with one of the best wineries on the island. In 1998, he operated a small unit in his grandfather’s old grocery store in Koilani. Since 2012 he has been running a modern winery in the Koloni vineyard, based on sustainable development principles. The winery grows and manages 25 hectares of vineyards with international and Cypriot varieties, along with experimental plantings, and produces 150,000 bottles annually.

Sophocles’s wines are multi-awarded and recognized for their quality and character. Oroman – which in the local dialect means dream/vision – is a blend of the indigenous Yiannoudi variety which dominates in taste, with Shiraz complementing it (at 15%). From the beginning of the last decade, Sophocles started planting the rare variety of vine “with excellent results in the final product, but at the same time with certain issues at the vineyard”, as he explains, referring to its peculiar flowering and fruit set which leads to low yields. The forgotten indigenous variety was named Yiannoudi, because it was recognized in Yiannis’s vineyard. It has an intense color and fruit essence regarding its aroma and flavor; aromas of herbs from the Cypriot land. It has a possibility of aging for 8-10 years. “Our aim is to create high-quality products and we try to match each variety with the ecosystem, the soil, the climate, and the techniques we use in viticulture”, the experienced winemaker says.

Sophocles Vlassides preserves all the knowledge and wisdom from the tradition and combines them with new technological developments and methods so that we can all move a step further toward a better future.

The award-winning Oroman wine was produced in 12,500 bottles and can be found in selected cellars and at Vlassides Winery.