Sparkling Wine by Vlassides Winery

The first sparkling wine by Vlassides Winery made with méthode traditionnelle, has arrived!

A brand new sparkling white wine is now added to the Vlassides Winery wine range. It is produced from the varieties Chardonnay (50%) and Sauvignon blanc (50%), strictly following the traditional method used in the area of Champagne of Northeastern France, with significant advantages over the other sparkling wine practices.

The 2017 harvest wine is released in the market with the name Eddial (Idalion); a name with history and light, inspired by the ancient kingdoms of Cyprus which suits perfectly with the sparkling wine of the Winery. Idalion (idou alion=I saw the sun) was an ancient city and a Cypriot kingdom, which according to tradition was founded by Halkanoras, there, where he saw the sun.

The grapes for the production of the white sparkling wine Eddial, come exclusively from the privately owned vineyards of Vlassides Winery. At these specific vineyards, during the early stages of grape ripening, one can observe mature aromatic and taste characteristics, high acidity and low sugar levels. These are key characteristics of the raw material for the production of quality sparkling wine made with the traditional method.

The wine matures in the bottle with its wine lees for at least 30 months before the disgorging to remove the sediment. It shares the intense fruity aromas of Chardonnay and the finesse of Sauvignon blanc. It is lively and rich in flavor with persistent bubbles and a long aftertaste.