New Wine Entries by Vlassides Winery

We are happy to introduce you the latest additions to our wine collection:

ALÁTES 2018 and ÓROMAN 2017

The red Cypriot variety Yiannoudi, which is being revived the past few years all over the Island and the white variety Xynisteri, the predominant white indigenous variety of Cyprus, are the main varieties of the two new labels of Vlassides Winery.

The reason we chose these specific varieties has to do with the fact that these are the ones which seem to have the potential to take on the burden and the responsibility to represent Cyprus locally, as well as internationally, as ambassadors of the Island’s indigenous varieties.

In order to support this idea, our Winery plants every year Yiannoudi with Xynisteri, vineyards on trellising at an altitude of 700 to 950 meters, in an effort to discover their characteristics at various heights. For Xynisteri, we are experimenting with the old bush vines, but also with the new vines on trellising system, in regards to the style of the wine that can be created.

Through our many years of experimentations, we found out that the Xynisteri variety has the ability to produce wines with different characters, such as fresh fruity whites and at the same time it can produce whites with the ageing potential and the main factors for that are the area of planting and the age of the vineyard.



We named our wine Αlάtes inspired by the unique language spoken on our island. Although the Cypriot dialect is based on Greek, it has been strongly influenced by various nations that have inhabited our land through history; Arabs, Turks, English, French and Italians. Αlάtes, in Cypriot, means wings. Our Αlάtes is produced solely from old vines of Xynisteri, the dominant local white grape variety. It is our way of giving wings to the vision of introducing a fine representative Cypriot white wine to the world at large.


Όroman is a tribute to our roots. The Cypriot language incorporates the soul and history of our island; a blend of nations and cultures that have inhabited Cyprus throughout history. Arabic, Turkish, English, French, Italian but, mainly Greek, have formed a unique dialect that is still alive and spoken. Όroman, in Cypriot, means vision, dream. Our Oroman is a blend of the local grape Yiannoudi, which dominates, with a small percentage of Shiraz. It incorporates our vision of the Cypriot red wine.